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Personalised Care130 - 170 EUR
Personalised Hydrafacial Therapies110 - 230 EUR
Personalised Morning Skin SPA90 EUR


Instant Fresh and Glow Facial105 EUR
Clarifying and Detox Facial
105 EUR
Hydrating and Calming Facial100 EUR
Brightening Facial110 EUR
Ready for the Event 140 EUR
Anti Aging Facial150 EUR
Jet Lag Facial160 EUR
Hydrating Facial 50 min80 EUR
Purifying Facial 50 min80 EUR
Summer Facial 50 min 80 EUR



Sintia Schukina Skin Care Spa was created to provide you with first-class services and the best global skin care practices.

It will be a honor for us to take care of your skin and share our experience for the health and beauty of your skin.



If you plan to visit the skin care spa, we recommend that you make a timely reservation, because all visits to the  spa are planned in advance. You can book your visit by calling us tel. +37124114242 or make an online reservation through our website www.sintiaschukina.com . We will do our best to find the most suitable day and time for your visit, however, if we will no be able to find it, we will offer you a waiting list option. We confirm all the visits on a daily basis and space may be made available for your visit.

For new guests

If you plan to visit the skin care spa for the first time, please make your arrival to spa at least 15 minutes prior the scheduled visit so that we will be able to complete all the necessary formalities on time. When you making booking, please inform us if you have performed aggressive skin care procedures such as chemical peels, injections, laser procedures shortly before booking. We care about your health and safety, therefore, we ask you to fill out the necessary documents on the spot, to ensure the best experience when visiting our spa.

Concierge service

If you would like to make your visit even more special, you can order additional services according to your individual preferences. You can be sure that we will do our best to provide you with positive emotions from visiting our studio.

We can order you a car that will take you to our studio and back.

Order food, drinks for your convenience if you didn’t had time to have a meal.

Order flowers and gifts for the arrival of a guest, if you want to surprise a loved one or a business partner.

Ensure complete confidentiality so as not to meet with other clients of the studio.

Deliver cosmetics for your home care regime.

Deliver gift certificates and elegantly packaged cosmetics by courier.

You can contact us with questions and wishes, and order additional services before arriving to our studio Tel. +371 24114242