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This individual care is suitable specifically for your skin. The care begins with a gentle cleansing and determining the needs of the skin. During care, we use effective moisturizing, soothing and nourishing combinations that give your skin a feeling of freshness, lightness and health

This is a personalized service of counseling and planning based on an individual approach that allows you to achieve the best nursing results. This service includes a thorough and detailed analysis of the skin, recommendations, a plan of procedures, a home care plan and monitoring of results

During an appointment with one of our specialists, you will receive an in-depth consultation and a plan for the necessary future care

This is one of our clients’ favorite treatments. Thanks to it, the skin is not only cleansed, but also begins to shine. The unique vacuum cleaning technology makes the procedure completely painless. And gentle and at the same time active serums penetrate so deeply that the skin is moisturized and renewed 

The combination of different techniques perfectly solves the specific task facing your skin. If you ask what technique I use for each procedure, I will not be able to answer this question. I select them according to the needs of your skin and combine during the procedure. Thanks to this, an amazing result is achieved – healthy and radiant facial skin

The combination of safe technology and our experience gives consistent results that delight our customers. The combination of various techniques tailored specifically for your skin provides the skin with naturalness, health and rejuvenation

These procedures provide a quick result that you get immediately after care. The even texture of moisturized skin shines and looks 100% healthy and natural. Procedures include the basic needs of the skin for its beauty. In addition to the amazing result, during the procedures you relax and enjoy soft and gentle care

Soothing and moisturizing care for your skin is specially selected to provide nutrition and relax the skin after flights. In flight, the skin loses a large amount of moisture and is in a stress. So the usual climatic and hourly regimes are destroyed. The active ingredients used during care give the skin the right hydration, soothe it and increase stress resistance. Healthy and radiant skin is our persistent result after care

The unique properties of the professional medical cosmetics IS CLINICAL are used by doctors, cosmetologists and makeup artists around the world. The GMP certificate of compliance for which the FDA is responsible means that this cosmetics is absolutely safe. Clinical studies have shown that IS CLINICAL products are a combination of herbal ingredients and high technology. Each product solves not one, but 3-5 aesthetic problems. We trust iS CLINICAL, and its effectiveness is proven in practice.