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Restorative procedures  IS CLINICAL

//Restorative procedures  IS CLINICAL

Restorative procedures  IS CLINICAL


The unique properties of the professional medical cosmetics IS CLINICAL are used by doctors, cosmetologists and makeup artists around the world.

The GMP certificate of compliance for which the FDA is responsible means that this cosmetics is absolutely safe. Clinical studies have shown that IS CLINICAL products are a combination of herbal ingredients and high technology. Each product solves not one, but 3-5 aesthetic problems. We trust iS CLINICAL, and its effectiveness is proven in practice.



Why is it called the “red carpet” procedure? Because after it you can go to any, even the most luxurious event. Your face looks young, fresh, toned thanks to a thermoactive mask and deep moisturizing with a cooling effect. The result is an even skin tone, reduction of wrinkles, lightening of age spots, skin renewal at the cellular level. Everyone who has tried this procedure at least once returns to it again and again.



This delightful moisturizing and exfoliating care makes the skin soft and smooth with a relaxing massage and gentle hydration.

We supplement the warming cleansing honey with an active complex and a honey mask. Thanks to this, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants penetrate deep into your skin. The skin becomes silky, soft and firm at the same time. A moisturizing mask actively renews the skin and nourishes the skin with moisture, and a mixture of nutritious serums consolidates the result.




The combination of enzymes and glycolic acid creates a fluffy and delicate foam that renews and relaxes your skin. Bioactive ingredients cleanse your skin and return your face a smooth and natural tone. Intensive enzyme mask and serums of the highest class quickly restore tired and overloaded skin and make it bright, saturated and glowing health.



This systemic peeling, created on the basis of the latest formula, evens out the texture of the skin, reduces wrinkles, brightens age spots and restores skin balance. The regenerating properties of peeling in combination with active acid serums provide a bright and youthful complexion.

The result of the procedure is narrowing of the pores, lasting lifting effect, renewed and breathing skin.