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Skin Analayzing

The newest and most effective method for determining skin needs and problems is with the help of artificial intelligence. To detect skin problems, especially hidden ones, such as deep pigmentation, and vascular conditions, a visual examination by a specialist is usually not enough. We recommend starting the first visit with the digital skin analysis, which allows for a deep analysis of its condition and needs. The procedure with the new generation skin diagnostic device Janus Pro has no contraindications and is absolutely safe.


Within a few seconds, the following parameters are viewed in detail:

 – moisture level in the skin (necessary to determine whether the skin is sufficiently moisturized);

 – state of microrelief (number and size of pores, depth of wrinkles);

skin elasticity;

 – data on lipid balance (amount of sebum);

 – the presence of porphyrin, a substance that causes acne

 – melanin indicators – predisposition to the formation of hyperpigmentation (UV damage, presence of signs of photoaging, pigment depth).


Skin diagnostics is carried out in three light sources:

 – The normal spectrum allows to diagnose the state of the pores, wrinkles, skin relief, and elasticity.

 – Polarized – age spots and skin redness.

 – Ultraviolet – “sun” pigmentation, sebum, and skin type.


The duration of the skin analysis is 40 minutes. During the procedure, a specialist will explain all the indications to you and indicate the needs of your skin. Right after the procedure, you will receive the diagnostic results electronically. Based on the obtained results, the therapist will make recommendations for home care products and develop a procedure plan to address skin problems effectively.

Thanks to this method you can achieve the best results in solving skin problems. After 3 months, the skin is re-diagnosed to confirm the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy, and the data of the first and re-diagnosis are compared.

In this way, you can see the dynamics of skin changes and control the prescribed treatment, as well as introduce corrections to it if necessary.

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