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Skin Care Therapies

//Skin Care Therapies

Skin care therapies


These procedures provide a quick result that you get immediately after care. The even texture of moisturized skin shines and looks 100% healthy and natural. Procedures include the basic needs of the skin for its beauty. In addition to the amazing result, during the procedures you relax and enjoy soft and gentle care.



Under conditions of constant stress, our skin desperately needs extra care to restore radiance, hydration and freshness to it. This is achieved through cleansing, which relieves the skin from dead cells and restores its natural appearance. The skin becomes smooth and supple. The effect is fixed with the help of active substances absorbed into the skin with ultrasound. Moisturizing at the final stage makes the skin soft and shiny.



Gentle exfoliation, penetrating deep into the pores, helps remove dead cells and relieves the skin of oily sheen. A powerful antioxidant effect heals and rejuvenates the face, giving it refinement and freshness. In addition, this procedure is aimed at solving skin problems such as black spots, acne, enlarged pores and the effects of prolonged contamination. In fact your skin glows from the inside.



Thin and dry aged skin loses collagen and elastin, which helps it recover quickly. The skin becomes more dull and changes thanks to our facial expressions. The combination of collagen masks, antioxidant serums, and chemical peeling exfoliates and nourishes the skin, providing it with hydration and purity. Your skin is rejuvenated and takes on a healthy and well maintained appearance.



Gentle cleansing and radiance of the skin, which brings quick results – that’s what you need before an important event. Soft, but effective removal of impurities renews the skin and makes it radiant and natural. The lifting effect gives the skin tone and elasticity, and moisturizing serums selected for your skin type fix the result.