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Terms of services

Who we are

Our website address is:

General provisions

  1. In accordance with these provisions, Sintia Schukina Skin Care shall sell goods online at website According to Article 10 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law (CRPL) of the Republic of Latvia, in such a case a distance contract is entered between the buyer and the seller when the buyer places an order.
  2. Title to the products is transferred to the buyer as of the day of receipt of full payment for the purchase.
  3. Sintia Schukina Skin Care ,  address: Mednieku street 6A, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010, contact phone: +37120359031 (hereinafter: the Seller), shall provide the content available at www.sintiaschukina.comand render services in accordance with these provisions.
  4. By placing an order on the web store and accepting these provisions, the buyer confirms that he/she is a legally capable person and the data provided by him/her for the conclusion of the contract are true. If the buyer is a legal entity, it shall be represented by an authorized person. The buyer confirms that he/she will use the web store in compliance with the applicable legislation and general principles of good faith. In case of any violation of these provisions or applicable legislation, seller shall be entitled to withdraw from the distance contract concluded with the buyer and/or suspend the buyer from using the website of the online store.
  5. If the buyer is ordering and buying products from the web store, it shall be assumed that the buyer is aware of and accepts without objection these general provisions and the terms and conditions of the distance contract, and undertakes to observe them. The purchase contract shall be deemed completed as at the moment when the client has effected full payment and received the goods in his/her possession.
  6. Before using the purchased product, please read the user instructions carefully, and use the product in compliance with the manufacturer requirements, product specifications and for intended purpose only.
  7. The seller hereby waives liability for any expenses or losses incurred as a result of using any information placed at or as a result of the non-functioning of the website for any reason or any failures or interruptions in the operations of the web store The foregoing does not restrict in any way the buyer’s rights under the applicable consumer rights legislation.
  8. The seller shall not be liable for late fulfillment or default of its contractual obligations caused by any circumstances or obstacles beyond the seller’s control which could not be reasonably foreseen, including, but not limited to, strikes, acts of government, war or nationwide state of emergency, environmental or climatic anomalies, interruptions in internet connection and failures in communications equipment, computer hardware and software.
  9. The seller waives any risks and liability if the buyer has failed to read these provisions and the Privacy Policy carefully.
  10. The seller may make amendments and supplements to these provisions on an ex parte basis without prior notice and publish them at The buyer shall be subject to such provisions that are in effect at the time of ordering products or services.
  11. Seller undertakes to ensure fulfillment of the order in accordance with the product and service description and its delivery in agreed time and quantity.
  12. If there are any unclear issues, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone +37120359031.

Webstore user guide

1.These provisions apply to all online product purchases. Before placing an order, please read the present provisions carefully. By using the online store of seller, you certify that you are aware of the present requirements and undertake to observe them and keep yourself updated with any amendments hereto.


2.1 All prices are quoted in Euro (EUR) in the web store. The prices offered are valid at the moment of placing the order. By confirming the order in accordance with the order form, the buyer accepts to pay the currently valid price.

2.2 The seller shall be entitled to change prices or fix a special price for products and services at any time on an ex parte basis without prior notice. Products and services are sold at such prices that are valid at the time of placing an order as published in the web store. If, due to some technical reasons, the website quotes inapplicable or incorrect prices, the seller shall inform the buyer that the order is failed due to technical reasons.


3.1 The buyer may purchase products which are offered on the web store. Products may be purchased while they are on offer during the web store operation period or by separate agreement on a pending order, i.e. the order will stay in a pending state until the product becomes available again.

3.2 In case the buyer has placed an order for a product which is no longer in stock but could not be promptly removed from the web store due to some technical reason, seller shall inform the buyer by phone or in writing that the contract cannot be fulfilled, or offer a similar product with the buyer’s consent.

3.3 The seller reserves the right to alter the product range and product specifications at any time on an ex parte basis without notice. Product specifications contain information and images provided by the manufacturer.


4.1 You can place an order on the web store at Add the selected products to your basket/cart and, once you have finished, create an order.

4.2 Your next step will be to review information displayed about the selected product and product price (excluding delivery costs). Then you will have to complete an order form ensuring that all fields are filled in as required. When ordering a product and selecting a delivery method, please indicate precisely the delivery method, address and contact telephone number.

4.3 Delivery times depend on the shipping terms and conditions of our partner delivery company for deliveries to a specific country. The shipping terms and conditions are available at:

4.4 Payment for purchase may be made by one of the following payment methods:

–  using the following debit or credit cards in online mode – MasterCard, Visa, American Express

– using the Paypal payment system.

4.5 When making payments using electronic banks or electronic payment systems, customers of the web store enter their data on the website of the respective bank; therefore, the web store has no access to the data.

4.6. By pressing the button ‘Confirm purchase’, the buyer agrees to buy the selected item and undertakes to pay the specified price and delivery costs.

4.8 When placing an order, the buyer must indicate precisely the full name of the product, and any such personal data, delivery information and contact details as necessary for the fulfillment of the contract. seller may reject an order and cancel a contract on an ex parte basis if the buyer has provided incomplete or untrue information about the selected product or the buyer’s personal data required for the conclusion of a contract. Orders placed by phone or by email can be paid by remittance using an invoice which is generated online which is also forwarded to the email address indicated by the buyer. The order shall be deemed completed after the invoice has been paid and the money has arrived at the seller’s bank account.

4.9 By placing an order on the web store at, the buyer undertakes to effect prepayment for the ordered products and rendered services.

4.10 If the buyer has indicated a contact email address as required for the conclusion of a distance contract, the buyer will receive an order confirmation to the email address after placing an order on the web store. The buyer is obliged to check the information and data entered into the order form. In case of any non-conformance in the information and/or data, the buyer shall notify the seller using the email address indicated by

4.11 The buyer’s contact information is needed to inform the buyer about the order status and other order-related issues, and the seller shall only use buyer’s personal data for the fulfillment of a specific contract.


5.1 You have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 days of receipt of the ordered products. As provided for in the Republic of Latvia’s Consumer Rights Protection Law (CRPL) and Cabinet Regulation No 255 laying down the regulations concerning distance contracts (Cabinet Regulation No 255), a buyer has the right to withdraw from a contract within 14 calendar days and return the goods purchased online to the seller. According to Article 12(6) of the CRPL, in case of withdrawal from a distance contract “the consumer is responsible for preserving the product quality and safety during the withdrawal period”. We recommend keeping the original packaging to prevent mechanical damage of the products if you decide to exercise the right of withdrawal as provided for in the distance contract. To arrange for a return of the products, please contact the web store by email or by phone +37120359031. The seller will send a refusal form to the buyer’s email address. The right of withdrawal does not apply to legal entities.

5.2 The withdrawal period is counted from the day the buyer obtains possession of the goods, even if the goods are accepted by a third person other than the shipper. The buyer has the right to test the product to see whether it meets his/her requirements inasmuch as he/she can guarantee that, in case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the product will be returned in a salable condition in terms of quality, safety and material value. If the product is used to a greater extent than necessary to test its conformity, the buyer shall be held liable for damages, the payment shall not be refunded, and the goods shall remain the property of the buyer.

5.3 Exercising the right of withdrawal, the buyer must return the product within 14 days in the original packaging and with adequate outer package to ensure safe transportation of the product.

5.4 If the buyer’s decision to exercise the right of withdrawal is not related to the non-conformity of the product or service with the contract, all shipping costs related to the return of the products shall be borne by the buyer.

5.5 If the right of withdrawal is exercised, the seller shall refund the purchase payment to the buyer as soon as possible, and, in any event, within 14 calendar days of the day when the buyer sends a refusal in writing and returns the product.

Privacy policy

1.  By using the website and buying goods from the web store, the buyer gives his/her consent to process and store his/her personal data inasmuch as required for highquality fulfillment of the contract, compliance with the applicable legislation and contractual provisions, data transfer to third persons for product shipping purposes, and for payment processing. To collect such data, we use cookies, i.e. small text files which are stored in your computer or laptop when you visit our website.

More information on cookies and how to deal with them is available at:

2. Any personal data processing is carried out by seller in accordance with the applicable data protection laws, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other legislation regulating personal data processing and protection.

3.The seller does not process or store buyer’s browsing history at any third persons’ websites or forward any identifiable data related to buyer’s browsing in the web store to any third persons.

4. Using organizational and technical means, the website of the web store shall ensure protection of buyer’s data against any illegal activities. 

Processing and storing personal data

1.Data obtained by the web store shall only be used for the purposes of buyer identification, contract conclusion and order completion: name, surname, telephone number, email address, payment details, and, where necessary, delivery address.

2.To send you business and administrative communications, for example, an order/purchase confirmation, a reminder to complete a purchase, or shipment details, the web store must process buyer’s name, surname and email.

3. To answer any questions you may ask by filling in the contact page of our website or contacting our staff by phone or email, we must process your personal data that you submit us on a voluntary basis: name, surname, phone number, email address, and other information provided by you. Your personal data will only be used to contact you and respond to your questions, comments or suggestions.

4. To send you advertising materials, discounts or any other special offers based on your interests and preferences, the web store, with your consent, shall process such data as your name, surname, email address and phone number. You may refuse from receipt of such information at any time by sending a notice to our email:

Personal data storage

1. Seller will retain your personal data as long as necessary for the purposes of processing such data unless a longer storage period is provided or permitted by the applicable legislation. If your data is processed with your consent, then the data processing will last as long as your consent is valid and is not withdrawn by you.

2. The present privacy policy regulates the seller data collection practice at our website, and all our operations are carried out in compliance with the privacy policy and the applicable personal data protection regulations. Data collection and processing is based on one or several legal grounds: provision of services, drafting a contract, conclusion of a contract, request (consent).

Transfer of personal data

If so requested, seller may disclose your personal data to governmental and law-enforcement authorities to defend where necessary our legal interests, including drafting, filing and/or defending legal claims.

Place of personal data processing

Seller shall process your personal data within the EU/EEA only. 

Buyer’s rights

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation and the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, you have the following rights:

  • the right to access your personal data and obtain information about their processing, request rectification of any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data, deletion of personal data unless its retention is required by the law, withdrawal of your consent for data processing,  restriction of data processing; you may request us to stop processing all your data for a short time; you have the right to request an electronic copy of your personal data, the right to transfer the data to another processor (data portability), and apply to the Data State Inspectorate.

Our Contacts

Sintia Schukina Skin Care



Mednieku street 6A
Riga, Latvia, LV- 1010


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